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Day Becomes Night

I know it’s been a while between tutorials but heres one that u all may like
Recently I had to create a night time shot out of one taken at daytime!

So heres how you do it

First off take your original image.

Duplicate the background layer

now to get the night-time effect that we want
We now go to Image>Adjustments>Variations and this window should appear

Click on More Blue Twice and Darker 3 times (this are my preferences, you may want to change it a little depending on your needs) and this is what you get

If its not dark enough however add a Levels adjustment layer above the Night Layer

And work the Middle Slider until you get it as dark as you want

And Tada-O

Its simple and basic but powerful. There are better and more interesting tricks to turn day into night, but this is a good one for ones that don’t have any light source in the image.
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